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At Lingu Traducciones®, we care about you and your projects. Rest assure that all of our language services are provided by professionals, but sometimes you will need a certified professional translation. Certified translations issued by Mexican Sworn Translators (peritos traductores oficiales) are official valid translations, accepted by Mexican and foreign government agencies.

You should definitely bear in mind that you will need a certified translation issued by a Mexican Sworn Translator if, for instance, you are…

  • Tying the knot in Mexico City
  • Registering your children’s foreign birth certificates to obtain their dual nationality (which you will need to obtain their CURP)
  • Validating your foreign high school, undergraduate or graduate degree diplomas
  • Applying for a Mexican permanent resident card
  • Applying for a COFEPRIS health registration
  • Registering your foreign company in the Mexican Public Registry of Commerce (don’t forget to obtain the SRE’s authorization first)
  • A party to a legal proceeding in Mexico and need to submit English-written documents as evidence
  • Returning to your country and/or applying for or renewing your visa and you have been asked to submit a police check or a letter of no criminal record (carta de antecedentes no penales or carta de datos registrales)
  • Traveling abroad or overseas and your COVID-19 vaccination cards (comprobante de vacunación contra el virus SARS-COV2 or comprobante de refuerzo de vacunación contra la COVID-19) are only written in Spanish

To get a quote for our certified professional translation services, don’t forget to send your electronic, scanned, or photographed documents to with your request details or GET A QUOTE. Please make sure that your documents are legible!

Here’s a list of documents that you may need to have translated by a Mexican Sworn Translator:

Birth certificates, baptism certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, divorce judgements, admission letters, scholarship letters, academic degree diplomas and transcripts, professional licenses, passports, official ID cards, police checks, no criminal record certificates, no marriage record certificates, apostilles, employment commitments, immunization cards, COVID-19 vaccination cards and certificates, bank statements, bank letters, payroll payment receipts, special credit reports, invoices, income receipts, proofs of domicile, any type of agreements or contracts, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, public deeds, public instruments, letters rogatory or letters of request, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, material safety data sheets, bills of lading, bills of sale, certificates of title, among others.